Jordan and Jade

“I had the most amazingly talented florist, but more so than that, my florist had an incredible heart and kindness.  I had never met her before our first appointment, but quickly it felt like I’d known her forever.

She was delightful to work with, creative and had such integrity in her work.  Many people do great at their jobs, even delivering expectations, but few exceed what is expected of them – that is what Suzanne at Farmhouse Floral Studio delivered.  

She not only accomplished my vision, but surpassed it. She went above and beyond to be sure her work was exceptional.  I simply cannot recommend her enough.  Thank you so much!”


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Nashville Florist, Franklin, Tennessee, The Noelle Nashville, Church of the Assumption, Farmhouse Floral Studio, Nashville wedding, Franklin Florist, Finding Fox Creative

Photo Credits:  Finding Fox Creative and Daniel Abner


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