One of the first things I had to learn when I started doing wedding flowers was how to spell boutonniere.  Guys don’t just get a little carnation anymore.  Their flowers are as handsome as they are with unique flowers, berries, feathers and grasses.  The groom’s boutonniere is usually a little different and matches his tie.  Grandfathers, ring bearers, clergy and ushers all usually get a boutonniere.



 Your bouquet should be as unique as you are – sassy or sweet, traditional or modern, colorful or subdued.

  Do bright colors make you smile?  Do you prefer an all white environment in your home?  What type of clothes do you like to wear?  Use these guides to help you with your bouquet choice. 

Some girls like a full, round bouquet while others prefer a cascade.  This year, bouquets with a lot of greenery are trending.  


Sycamore Farms – Arrington, Tennessee,
Arrington Vineyards ~ Arrington, Tennessee
Church of the Assumption ~Nashville, Tennessee
The Noelle ~ Nashville,Tennessee





We are glad you stopped to take a peek!  We are a small business, concentrating on events and weddings, and also happy to make arrangements for your special occasions or times of sympathy.

Our feel is organic, just picked, flowing, mossy, lots of green….you get the picture.  We are always putting on the brakes and hopping out of the car to cut some special flower, branch or vine.  The highlight of the spring is when the southern peonies begin to poke out of the ground.   

Each of our arrangements is unique.  We like cool stuff!  So, whenever possible, we will use a vintage vase or bowl, insert some just picked leaves or put in a funky branch.

We deliver locally to businesses and homes in the Franklin area and also to Nashville/Franklin funeral homes and hospitals. Since each arrangement is created with you in mind, please order 24 hours in advance.


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